AchtenvanGent Notarissen. Experienced notaries in the fields of real estate, commercial law, private and family law, and estate planning. Practising for the last few decades from our address at Wilhelminasingel, Maastricht, we are professionals with a love for our work. We are able to understand your needs, and then advise you accordingly.
In your business dealings and in your private life you regularly need the advice and assistance of a notary you can trust. Someone with a high level of expertise. AchtenvanGent Notarissen meets your needs.

AchtenvanGent notarissen
Wilhelminasingel 68A / 6221 BK Maastricht
Postbus 3105 / 6202 NC Maastricht
T 043 - 328 17 60 / F 043 - 325 14 26
Associated with Netwerk Notarissen

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